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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Here Is The Evidence That The Cowardly Lion Has Absolutely No Understanding Of How The U.S. Economy Works!!

Follow the bouncing ball here.

There are 15 million Americans without jobs today.

There are 15 million Americans underemployed today.

The most important problem facing Obama is jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs!!!

For over 50 years, over 70% of ALL new jobs have been created by small business!!!!!

So Obama appoints a Jobs Council to work on the problem.

Here are the members of that Council!!  If you can find anyone remotely involved in a small business, I will put you in my will.

This is truly disgusting!!  These people know a lot about fund raising, but I doubt any of them know a damn thing about running a small business!!!

Jeff Immelt, Chair of Jobs Council
CEO, General Electric

Ursala Burns
CEO Xerox

Steve Case
Ceo, Revolution LLC

Christopher Che
CEO Hooven-Dayton

Kenneth I. Chenault
CEO American Express

John Doerr
Kleiner Perkins Caulfield & Byers

Roger Ferguson

 Mark Gallogly
Co-founder Centerbridge Partners  

Joseph Hansen
President UFCW

Lewis Hay
CEO NextEra Energy

Gary Kelly
CEO Southwest Airlines

Ellen Kullman
CEO DuPont 

A. G. Lafley
Former CEO Proctor & Gamble

Eric Lander

Monica Lozano
CEO ImpeMedia

Jim McNerney
CEO Boeing

Darlene Miller
CEO Permac Industries

Paul Otellini
CEO Intel

Richard Parsons
CEO Citigroup

Antonio Perez
CEO Kodak

Penny Pritzker
CEO Pritsker Realty Group

Brian Roberts
CEO Comcast

Matthew Rose 
CEO BNSF Railway

Sheryl Sandberg
CEO Facebook

Richard Trumka
President AFL-CIO

Laura Tyson
UC Berkeley

Robert Wolf
Chairman UBS Bank


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