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Friday, January 6, 2012

A Despicable Act By The Cowardly Lion!!

On New Year's Eve, the Cowardly Lion signed a bill that he earlier said he would veto.  It is called the National Defense Authorization Act and it allows anyone in the military to arrest anyone they claim may be linked to terrorism and detain them forever without an Indictment, A Judge, A Jury, or A Trial.  This is such a despicable law, that violates just about everything in the U.S. Constitution, that is mind boggling!!  I could have expected something like this from George W.  Wait, wait, we did get something like this from George W., it was called the Patriot Act.

I was getting ready to vent my utter outrage at this travesty when I discovered that Steven Colbert could do it even better.  Follow the link and see what I mean.

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