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Friday, January 6, 2012

Americans Elect???? Nah!!

As you know if you read this rant even occasionally, I am deeply disappointed with the actual performance of Barack Obama, who I worked really hard to get elected.  You also know I am a recovering Republican and I am deeply troubled by the mindlessness of the Tea Party which seems to have captured the remnants of the Republican Party.

So I was intrigued by this thing called America Elect.  The center piece seems to be the idea that a mythical white knight (any color actually) could arise out of the mist and get elected president of the U.S.  How this would happen was not clear to me, but they claimed to have the resources to get him or her on the ballot in all fifty states.

The first problem is the list of prospective candidates on their website.  It was mostly members of Congress, including some of the mos corrupt people on the face of the earth!!  Not a good start!!

Anyway, I am still curious so we went to an organizing meeting at a restaurant called the Yard House in Irvine, California last night.  The Yard House is a huge sports bar with 42 tv sets all going top volume.  You have to yell at the receptionist to get a table. Yes, he says, there is a table in the back booked for America Elect, but there was nobody there even though it is five minutes before the start of the meeting.

The din is giving me a headache so I said we will wait outside for people to show up.  Outside, there are two facing benches.  On one bench, there is a young woman with a bunch of "papers" who is busy working her cell phone, or whatever. About 6:30, an older man shows up and they introduce themselves.  Then the woman takes out a small,  rolled up poster, and puts tape on one end.  I thought she was going to put it on the glass panel next the the entrance door.  Nope, she puts it on the END OF THE BENCH were exactly nobody could see it.

That was it!!  We left and had a very nice dinner at our favorite restaurant in Dana Point.

So here is my take away on Americans Elect.  Anyone dumb enough to schedule a political meeting at a table in an incredibly noisy sports bar is too dumb to be allowed any where near the president of the U.S.

Save your energy and money for something a little less hare brained than American Elect.

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