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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Here Is Another Example!

When he was elected, Obama took six months to study the war in Afghanistan. The Republicans derided him for being unable to make up his mind.  I was very happy he was taking his time to truly understand the situation.  It was a marked contrast with George Bush's shooting from the lip.

In the end, Obama extracted a promise from his generals that, if he gave them more troops, they would have won the war by 2010.

When that didn't happen, he didn't hold the generals to their promise.  All he did was fire (promote) Petraeus and promote a new general.  The action of a Cowardly Lion.

Now it turns out the National Intelligence Estimate (NIE), a joint report prepared by the CIA and 15 other intelligence agencies, concludes that we are losing badly in Afghanistan, and that it is unlikely that we can ever "win", whatever that means.

Now here is the best part.  He was given an NIE report one year ago that said exactly the same thing.
 So he has been given two opportunities to get us out of Afghanistan and he didn't have enough courage to
act on either of them.  So more kids die every day and billions of dollars are wasted on a lost cause! 

He doesn't seem to understand the Afghanistan bankrupted the Soviet Union and led to its disintegration.  He doesn't seem to understand that nobody has ever won a war in Afghanistan, and that goes back to Genghis Khan.

A small aside here:  When the Cowardly Lion was interviewing all his generals in 2008, I assembled a small panel of friends and asked them what we should do.  They were;
A citizen of Pakistan.
An expert in petroleum exploration in Afghanistan.
A former diplomat with extensive experience in Afghanistan.
An academic currently (then) in Afghanistan working on agricultural issues.

Without speaking to each other, they each had the same advice; get the hell out of there.  It is a collection of waring stone age tribes and it is not a place worth a single life or a single dollar.  I sent that advice to Obama and Biden, to no avail of course. Just so you know.

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