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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Why There Are Still So Many Americans Unemployed

Here is reality.  Small businesses create about 70% of all new jobs and that has been true for the last seventy years.  And as far as I can, nobody in Washington disputes that fact.  But neither does anybody pay attention to it.  This column in the Economic Collapse sums up where we are today, and, sorry to say, suggests where we are going.

7-in-10 Blame Economy for Hiring Freeze

November 7, 2011 RSS Feed Print The Obama economy is so bad that 77 percent of small business owners do not plan to hire any more workers despite all of Washington's hype that the business climate is getting better. Worse: 64 percent of small business owners in a new survey provided to Whispers see the nation teetering on the verge of another recession.
Most shocking of all in the survey of small and medium sized business owners is that many would like to hire more workers but can't, and new financing rules imposed by hurting banks have made getting loans sharply more difficult than in the past. [Read: What Obama Can and Can't Do to Create Jobs.]
"Despite positive job numbers for the month of October, it is clear that business owners have a differing view of the economy," said Connie Certusi, executive vice president and general manager of Small Business Accounting Solutions, a division of Sage North America. Sage, a business management software supplier, conducted the survey among its 3.2 million customers. [See the 10 best cities to occupy.]
"The Sage SMB Perspective on Economic Recovery survey found that 64 percent of business owners who participated in the survey believe that we are either already in a recession or are headed for one in the next six months," said Certusi. "Not surprisingly, 65 percent of respondents in the Sage SMB Perspective on Economic Recovery said that the negative economy has had an impact on their own business." And, "The most telling statistic," she added, "is that 48 percent of business owners would like to hire additional employees but cannot due to issues related to the bad economy."

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