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Friday, December 16, 2011

Really Bad News!!!!

I have explained in the past why Paul Ryan is the most dangerous person in the world if you are under 80 years of age.  Paul has first class medical care through this job in Congress.  Since he has only worked for the government since he graduated from college, he has always had first class medical care.

But Paul doesn't want anyone else to have first class medical care, unless, of course, you are enormously rich and can buy your own hospital.  He wants to give you a voucher which might cover some of your medical costs.  However, he doesn't seem to have any ideas about the real problems with our health care system.  See earlier posts for detailed analysis of our health care cost problems.

Now here is the bad news.  The Cowardly Lion has repeatedly demonstrated that he has no concept of how to deal with America's most serious problems.  See earlier posts for detailed descriptions of our most serious problems.

75% of U.S. citizens think the country in on the wrong track and 61% think the economy is worse since Obama took office.  Thus, the 2012 election is the Republicans to lose.

As you know, the Republicans have been having a series of debates to eliminate the non-serious candidates.  Mitt Romney was emerging as the Republican candidate, and that was O.K. with me because he seems to be the only person in Washington who actually understands how our economy works.

Now the bad news delivered by Ron Brownstein in today's Op-Ed section of the Los Angeles Times.  I'll let Ron tell you the story himself.

"Romney, however, has generally kept his support qualified, and muted. (For the Ryan plan)  No more.  Romney last week lavishly praised Ryan's plan as a means of challenging Gingrich's conservative credentials."

That's it for me!!!  Anybody who is so cavalier that they can throw the 99% of us who are not rich, under the bus should never be president.

By the way, that goes for Jon Huntsman as well.  He was even earlier in endorsing the Ryan debacle.

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