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Thursday, December 29, 2011

More On Jobs!!!!

Be sure to read Darin's comment on Jobs, Jobs, Jobs.  His is a voice from the front lines!

And in addition, he raises a vital question.  What do we do to take back our government from the special interest bought Congress?

I don't know the answer.  I bought into Larry Lessig's Rootstriker group and I am just starting his new book, "Republic Lost-How Money Corrupts Congress--and a Plan to Stop It".  I am greatly impressed by the opening sentences.

"There is only one issue in this country', former MSNBC commentator Cenk Uygur told Netroots Nation, in June 2001.  'Campaign finance reform'.

For the vast majority of America, Uygur's comment is obscure.  For a small minority, it is obvious."

So that puts us in the small minority.  (Note the date.)

In case you have forgotten, the Cowardly Lion (who I worked hard to get elected) promised to take the money out of politics and now has a re-election fund raising goal of ONE BILLION DOLLARS which he is raising hand over fist with $35,000 a plate dinners.  I am willing to bet that no one who reads this rant has ever attended a $35,000 a plate dinner with anybody.

Then there is another group, Americans Elect, which vaguely seems to have the same goal.  I am going to an organizing meeting on January 9, 2012 to see if I can figure out what they are up to, and I'll report back.

By the way, Cenk Uygur says that MSNBC told him that the channel was now "mainstream" with the government and he didn't fit in.  Anyway, he now has a program called Young Turks on a cable channel called Currrent TV.  I get it at 358 on Direct TV, and I watched it once.  His ideas are good, but the presentation is why over the top.

So we are back to Darin's question, I haven't got any other ideas.

Do you?  If so, let's hear them.

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