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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Fifty Frightening Facts About U.S. Healthcare

This rant has long been concerned with the unsustainable nature of U.S. Health Care costs, and in particular, about the fact that Obamacare does absolutely nothing to deal with this huge problem.  The Business Insider has compiled fifty facts about U.S. healthcare costs and results.  You can see them at this link.

At the end of the 50 reasons, go on to look at the 10 Reasons Why U.S. Health Care Systems are the envy of the world.  In particular, see #6.  In the rest of the developed world, doctors are well paid.  In the U.S. they get rich.

Finally, see the 50 Depressing Facts about U.S. Health Care that will make you want to do two things;
1) Demand serious reform.
2) Tar and feather Paul Ryan

Running through all of these depressing numbers is a theme we have been babbling about since the beginning of this rant.  That is that one of the major contributors to runaway health care costs is the epidemic of diabetes.  You will find out that 91%, yes, 91%, of all health care dollars are spent on chronic conditions.

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