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Friday, April 29, 2011

What You Should Know About Paul Ryan

When Paul Ryan graduated from college, he went to Washington as a Congressional Intern. Then he went to the staff of Senator Bob Kasten, and then to the staff of Senator Sam Brownback. Next, he became a speech writer for Jack Kemp.

In 1998, he got elected to Congress where he been ever since.

The point is that he has never had a private sector job in his Entire Life. He has spent every year since his graduation from college on a government payroll.*

He now has an income and pension for life, and both are much more generous than anything you are likely to ever have for your self.

This is the guy who wants to cut taxes on the richest Americans, never mind the fact that those people already control 45% of all the wealth in the country. Never mind that we have tried the Laffer Curve twice already and it was a complete failure both times. Bush's tax cuts were the last effort and the direct result is the current deficit.

This is the guy wants to end Medicare and give seniors a voucher for $2,000 to buy health care, never mind that companies now pay $5,000 to $10,000 annually to provide medical care insurance for their employees.

This guy is basing his Path to Prosperity on achieving a 2.3% unemployment rate, never mind we have never reached that level of unemployment in the history of this country.

Paul Ryan's Path to Prosperity is a road map for the destruction of the United States of America! Paul Ryan doesn't seem to know any more about how the U.S. economy works than Obama does!

*P.S. There is some story that he drove the Oscar Meyer Wiener Mobile one summer while he was in college.

Is really guy you want in charge of the future of the country?

Just as bad, is this the guy who is the intellectual leader of the Republican Party?

But to give him his due;
*He is always well dressed.
*He always has a good haircut.
*He always seems to be polite.

It looks to me like what we have here is a perfectly empty suit.

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