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Friday, April 29, 2011

So Obama Thinks The Economy Is Getting Better?

Last week, McDonald's announced they would hire 50,000 new employees.

One Million (1,000,000) people applied for one of those jobs!

Larry Summers thinks all those million people are lazy and they must be applying because their unemployment benefits have run out.

Joe Stiglitz thinks all those million people are incompetent because they got laid off before.

It seems nobody in Washington cares that 15 Million Americans are still unemployed, or that another 15 Million are underemployed (as in working short hours or flipping burgers with a PhD).

Mickey D ended up hiring 62,000 new employees.

So Mickey D hired 6.2% of the applicants.

To put that in perspective, consider this;

Stanford University admitted 7.1% of the applicants this year.
MIT admitted 10%.
Princeton admitted 8.4%.
Columbia admitted 10%.

Which means you would have a better chance of getting admitted to the best universities in the country than you would have getting a job at McDonald's!!

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