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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Paul Ryan is not a HERO!!

Paul Ryan's Plan for America is the work of an empty headed zealot! Here is why and what should be done to get the expenditures of the U.S. government under control.

1) Social Security; Ryan didn't touch his one. But the solution is unbelievably simple. Just remove the cap and use any math you wish, and any assumptions you wish. It doesn't make any difference. Remove the cap and the "problem" goes away for ever. Why is he a coward here? You will get a clue when we get to #4.

2) Medicare; all Ryan is proposing is pushing the problem off on the states. He doesn't propose one single action to address the real problem, e.g., the endlessly increasing part of the U.S. economy consumed by medical expenses. What he should have said is that he would propose paying doctors and other health professionals to discuss end of life choices with elderly patients.

Different studies have used different definitions and different time horizons, but every study agrees that the overwhelming majority of our healthcare expenses occur at the end of life. The Wicked Bitch of the North called this action creating Death Panels. What a bunch of ugly, uniformed crap. But then what would you expect from her?

We have Death Panels right now and they are populated by faceless, nameless clerks in insurance companies who deny treatments without recourse, and they do it every day.

In addition to counseling we need electronic data records and best of practice research used to plan structure payments.

3) The real Elephant in the room is Defense Department spending. We have thousands of bases all around the world that were put in place when the USSR was the enemy. They cost us hundreds of BILLIONS of dollars every year. In fact, nobody knows exactly how much because the Defense Department closely guards these numbers. Dumb Head Ryan never mentions this horrible waste of money. I suspect we could actually balance the budget right here.

4) To generate more revenue, Ol Paul is going to lower the income tax rates on corporations and on the already filthy rich. The return of Voodoo economics!! We have twice tried this piece of economic claptrap, proposed by Arthur Laffler, and twice cutting taxes on the rich failed to trickle down to us. Instead the money trickled up the richest of the rich. See earlier entries for the exact numbers.

We need one single flat tax rate applied to all income. Period. Individuals, families, corporations, everybody.

Paul Ryan a hero? What a bunch of crap. However, I will give him credit for one thing. He actually did say out loud that we have a problem. That is more than the Cowardly Lion has ever done.

Now if you want a single sentence summary of Ryan's plan, here it is.

Transfer more of the U.S. income to the already richest Americans and screw everybody else.

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