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Monday, April 4, 2011

One Billion U.S. Dollars!!

Yes, that is One Billion U.S. Dollars!! That is the amount the Cowardly Lion has set as a goal for his re-election campaign. More than anyone who ever ran for president ever tried to raise.

At least we now know why he is playing kissy face with the Wall Street Banks and gave all the richy riches that huge tax break by extending the Bush tax cuts, all the while screwing the rest of us royally.

Until today, I thought Obama was just incompetent and held out hope he might learn on the job. I was hopeful that he might even grow a backbone.

Not now!! Change you can believe in?? What a load of crap!! The guy is just George Bush lite, i.e., a complete fraud.

Woe is us!! You think it is bad now? Just wait until Libya turns into a stalemate and the French, British and Italians take their marbles and go home. And add to that the fact that Obama has created an underclass of 15 million unemployed, and unemployable, Americans.

Can anyone find a happy face to put on this debacle?

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