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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

This Government Seems Unable to Learn From Its Own Mistakes

I am deeply troubled by the apparent inability of the Obama administration to learn from its mistakes. But to be fair, it started with Bush.

Remember that George sent all of us a $500 check to stimulate the economy? 70% of that money went into savings accounts or to pay down debts. It did nothing to stimulate the economy.

Then Obama offered businesses a tax break for hiring new employees. The offer was virtually completely ignored and did nothing to create new jobs. (See earlier blog)

Then Obama gave everybody a $1,000 tax break (over 12 months) by reducing payroll withholding from 6% to 4%. So what happened? In January, retail sales increased a scant 0.2%, the smallest amount since June, 2010.

Mitt Romney says Obama doesn't understand how to create jobs in the U.S. I think it is much worse than that. I think Obama doesn't understand the first thing about how the U.S. economy actually works.

And that's a huge problem. 15 million Americans remain unemployed. Another 15 million are working short hours or at a job much below their qualifications. 5 million Americans have used up their unemployment benefits. 43 million Americans are living on Food Stamps.

Anybody know any good news?

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