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Monday, March 21, 2011

I Cannot Believe This Is Happening!!

The Cowardly Lion is in South America so he can create American jobs in Brazil, Chile, et al!!

Good Grief! Who is he getting advice from now?? You create American jobs in America. Period. End of Story. See earlier post on how small businesses create jobs because that is the way the real world works.

He seems to have some crappy idea about tripling our exports by 2015 to solve our unemployment problem. The only thing he can do to encourage that development is rationalize some of the nutty, over lapping, overly demanding paper work an exporter has to deal with the government. But that will only create a couple of new jobs because most small businesses have empty order books so they have no money to support efforts to export.

Big business , GE, et al, have a record amount of cash on hand and they can afford to build their export businesses. However, they are going to locate their new plants near their customers so the new jobs they create will be in other countries. Since they don't have to pay taxes on their overseas earnings, they have a huge incentive to invest their profits overseas. That's just good business decisions.

How could he be so ill informed???

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