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Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Perfidy Of Politicians!!

I am amazed every time I see or hear a politician scream about ending illegal immigration by building a fence.  That includes the fools who are spending our money along the border with Mexico right now.

Today's Los Angeles Times has this headline.

Major Border Drug Tunnel Found:  About 17 tons of pot is seized after discovery of the Tijuana-San Diego passageway.

17 TONS!!  Multiply that by 2,000 to get an idea of how much material that is in reality

That headline appears with great regularity in the Times, roughly once a month.

 I certainly hope that no one who reads this rant is dumb enough to think that those tunnels aren't also used as a corridor into the United States for human beings.

So much for Herman's electrified fence!!  What a fool!!  Sorry to say, he has lots of company.

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