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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Here Is Why You Should Mis-Trust the OpEd Writers and the Talking Heads

I have just finished reading every article about Occupy Wall Street (6) in the New York Times and the Los Angeles times, and not one of them made even a passing comment on the most obvious aspect of the movement.

The overwhelming characteristic of the Occupy people is that they  Do Not Have Jobs!!

In the U.S., unemployment in people 18 to 30 is about 15%!!  Simple put, they do not have jobs and they have no prospects for getting a job anytime soon.  And unemployment among those with only a high school diploma is even higher.

And here is the second thing that was ignored.  In the Middle East , 60% of the people are under 25 years old.  Except for Saudi Arabia where they have lots of money to create jobs and hire young people, 90% of those young people have no jobs and no hope of getting one.

O.K., now put two and two together.  In Oakland and Portland, the Occupy people got violent.  Is the Arab Spring telling us something??  What do you think??

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