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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Here Is What Keeps Nagging At Me....................

As I watch, and listen, to reports about the Occupy people, I keep coming back to these thoughts.

1)  Go back to Greece Explained in this rant.
2)  Read it carefully.  There are two major conclusions.  The rich don't pay taxes and everybody else wants to live on the government dole, one way or another.
3)  Remember that $0.40 of every dollar that we spend in the 2012 budget is borrowed from somebody.
4)  Only $0.60 of every dollar we are going to spend was earned in this economy.
5)  The Republicans refuse to tax the rich in the U.S.
6)  The Democrats refuse to face down their union supporters.  Did you know that in California, a high school graduate can earn $150,000 annually as a prison guard and retire at age 50 with a full pension?  Just one example.

So here is what is nagging at me.  What is the difference between Greece and the U.S., except for time?

I hope this doesn't keep you awake at night.

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