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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Some More Numbers

The Gross Domestic Product is the measure of how big the economic pie we all share is quarter by quarter. Remember that it has to be growing at least 2% to make enough new jobs for all the new graduates, but much over 3% and inflation can set in. So here are the numbers for the last 17 quarters. You judge whether The Great Recession is over.
2007 1st quarter 0.9%
2nd 3.2%
3rd 2.3%
4th 2.8%
2008 1st o.7%
2nd 0.6%
3rd -4.0%
4th -6.8%
2009 1st -4.9%
2nd -0.7%
3rd 1.6%
4th 5.0%
2010 1st 3.7%
2nd 1.7%
3rd 2.6%
4th 3.1%
2011 1st 1.8%

So watch for the 2nd quarter numbers before you decide the Great Recession is over.

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