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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Paul Ryan Gets Ready To Strike Americans Again

I have been reading a book titled "Deer Hunting with Jesus", Dispatches from America's Class War. As you know, we are creating a two tier economy and this author's point is that the non-millionaire class you and I belong to is further divided into the middle class and the working poor class. The author has returned to a little town in Virgina where is grew up, the child of a really poor working family, and he describes the lives of the people who live and work there.

The author is too strident and too repetitive for me to recommend this book, but there are a couple of points that really need sharing as Congress gets ready to screw all of us again.

Here is his description of a typical guy Paul Ryan wants to cheat so Paul can give more money to that 9% of U.S. households who have $1,000,000, or more, annual incomes.

"That smiling, wise old fellow in the orange vest in the pipe department at the local Home Depot, the one who knows everything there ever was to know about plumbing, is limping around at the age of sixty-seven on bad knees and has two bone-grafted disks earned through a life in construction labor. He is working solely to purchase heart medicine and the private insurance he must have if he doesn't want to lose to hospital bills the rundown bungalow he and his wife bought in 1964--the one that is now is such a bad neighborhood that only the slumlords ever make an offer for it, but even then not much."

This is the kind of guy Paul Ryan wants to strip of Medicare and Social Security, two programs that the guy has paid into for his entire life. Paul thinks his rich pals need the money more.

And, just for the record, 67% of all Social Security payments are made to women, and the average annual payment is $13,000, and for most of them, that is their only source of income.

I can't figure out whether Paul Ryan actually knows these facts and doesn't care, or if he is so dumb that all of this is beyond his intellect.

By the way, Paul is set for life with a continuing salary and pension. Paul even has the option of opting out of Social Securty altogether.

My former party, the Republican Party, has simply become pathetic.

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