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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

You've Gotta Love This!

Henry Blodget runs a site he calls The Business Insider. He has started a clock to count down the time until Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner leaves Treasury for a really good paying job at Goldman Sachs.

His point is that Geithner has been so good to Wall Street (Agreed!!) that he can pick where his next chair will be.

But before you get to worried about Timmy's finances, remember he was paid just under One Million Dollars for his last year at the New York Fed.

Henry also commiserates with Timmy because he can't sell his million dollar house in New York. But he doesn't deserve much sympathy here either. When he couldn't sell it for six months, he RAISED the price. Still couldn't sell it. And this guy is in charge of your money????

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