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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Medical Costs

Today's Los Angeles Times reports on a five year study by the Dartmouth Atlas Project on the costs of the last two years of life. Here are the results for selected California hospitals;

National average: $46,412

Highest Cost (All Los Angeles County Hospitals)

White Memorial $130,992
Alhambra $120,756
Hollywood Presbyterian $115,097
Cedars Sinai $106,951
Brotman $102,909

Lowest Cost

Redwood Memorial (Humboldt County) $35,990
St. Joseph (Humboldt County) $41,020
French (San Luis Obispo County) $41,686
St. Elizabeth (Tehama County) $41,751
Barton Memorial (El Dorado County) $43,326

And these differences are just inside one state, California. The national differences are even wider.

Now you can see what the value of a living will is and what it can accomplish.

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