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Monday, September 21, 2009

Numbers To Scare The Hell Out Of You

The Kaiser Family Foundation has just released their 2009 Employer Benefits Survey. Last year, the average cost of health-care insurance for an average family was $13,375, and increase of 138% over the past decade. On that track, the number for 2019 will be $30,083!

Understand clearly, that is the amount that wages are being reduced to cover the health care costs of your employer.

Now here is where Congress comes to play. The main "tool" that the government says it wants to use to "bend the upward curve in cost increases" is called "comparative effectiveness review". Study after study has shown that we pay an incredible amount of money for medical procedures that simply do not work, period. The government wants to collect all that data and make it available to everyone involved in health care.

Here comes Congress! They have inserted a provision in the current health care legislation that prohibits the government from using any of this evidence in deciding what Medicare and Medicad would cover.

We have a government that does not learn from its own mistakes, and now refuses to use facts in developing legislation!!!!

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