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Saturday, December 22, 2012

What A Strange World!!!!  After I Finished The Rant About All Of The Children In The U.S. That Were Having Horrible Lives, The Phone Rang And My Son Relayed This Story.  He And His Wife Had Taken In Two Teen Agers And He Wanted To Know If He Could Bring Them To Our House For Christmas.  And The Answer is "Of Course".

But it is the back story that will break your heart.  The kids are two girls, one sixteen and the other fourteen.  The father is in jail for molesting the sixteen year old.  When the mother found out about it, she attempted sucide, and is now in the hospital.  The kids have no home and the neighbors have been taking turns taking care of them.  So our family will be a little bigger for Christmas and tomorrow we will be out searching for Christmas presents for two homeless girls.

Hope you have Happy Holidays!!

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