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Saturday, December 15, 2012

I Do Not Mean To Be Flippant About The Incredible Tragedy At NewTown, Connecticut!  I Have A Grandson Not Much Younger Than The Kids That Were Killed, I Can't Imagine What Life Would Be Like Without Him!

The point is that I fully expect Wayne La Pierre* next week to announce that the NRA's position is that all elementary school teachers should pack a Glock at all times.

Understand, my grandfather taught me to shoot a 22 caliber rifle when I was about ten.  My father taught me to shoot a 12 guage shotgun when I was about twelve.  Each of those guns shot one shell each time to pulled the trigger.  I have enjoyed hunting and was a long time gun owner.

But this NRA insanity that everybody should be able to carry concealed handguns with clips of twenty or thirty rounds is simply insanity.  The same goes for modified Army weapons.  How many times do you have to shoot a deer to kill it??

We have got to stop it, Newtown, Colorado (twice), Arizona, Virginia, and list goes on!!!!!  It makes no sense in anybody's world. 

Your job is to complain out loud to somebody, anybody.  Then do it again.

*If you don't know who Wayne La Pierre is, look him up.  He Ain't Your Friend!! 


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