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Saturday, November 10, 2012

For Me, The Best Part About The Election Being Over Is That Both Sides Can Stop Lying About "Bailing Out The Auto Industry"!  Here Are The Top Selling Cars In The U.S. For The Past Fifteen Years.  How Many GM or Chrysler Cars Can You Find?

1)  Toyota Camry (2002-2012)
2)  Honda Accord (2001)
3)  Toyota Camry (1997-2000)
4)  Ford Taurus (1992-1996)
5)  Honda Accord (1991)
6)  Ford Taurus (1989-1990)
7)  Ford Escort (1987-1988)  

All they did was to keep a few incompetent managers in their jobs for a few months longer, and they did it with your money!! 

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