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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Consider These Two Facts:
1)  Small businesses create over 70% of all new jobs in the U.S.
2)  We have gutted expenditures for education and training all the while maintaining eleven battle carrier groups.

And here is one item from today's New York Times.

  About 2009,” she explained, “when the economy was collapsing and there was a lot of unemployment, we were working with a company that got a contract to armor Humvees,” so her 55-person company “had to hire a lot of people. I was in the market looking for 10 welders. I had lots and lots of applicants, but they did not have enough skill to meet the standard for armoring Humvees. Many years ago, people learned to weld in a high school shop class or in a family business or farm, and they came up through the ranks and capped out at a certain skill level. They did not know the science behind welding,” so could not meet the new standards of the U.S. military and aerospace industry.
“They could make beautiful welds,” she said, “but they did not understand metallurgy, modern cleaning and brushing techniques” and how different metals and gases, pressures and temperatures had to be combined. Moreover, in small manufacturing businesses like hers, explained Tapani, “unlike a Chinese firm that does high-volume, low-tech jobs, we do a lot of low-volume, high-tech jobs, and each one has its own design drawings. So a welder has to be able to read and understand five different design drawings in a single day.” 

And there is another one in the Times; a letter from a woman in Pennsylvania that needs to hire forty new employees but can't find ANY with basic high school level skills.

How many examples are necessary to make it clear we are destroying the future of this country????? 

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