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Saturday, June 2, 2012


Three years ago, Obama and his idiot advisers were running around Washington talking about ending the bubble and similar crap.  It was so stupid, I decided to write The Great Recession Conspiracy in simple lay terms to explain how the Business Cycle works.

The book business is in the toilet (see last week's publisher bankruptcy) and publishers won't read an unsolicited ms.  They will only read ms. submitted by agents they know.  However, I couldn't get an agent because I didn't have a "platform", meaning a radio program, newspaper column, etc. to promote the book.

So I decided to publish it as an ebook at a self publishing, site that was brand new at the time. called  In the past three years, 12,461 people have read the TOC, the Forward and large sections of the text at the scribd site.  The book got two really good reviews from strangers.

However, best I can tell, about 24 people actually spent $4.95 to buy the book.  It is also available as a Kindle book.  The numbers there get harder because Amazon doesn't report sales.  Instead money just shows in your bank account.  My best guess is that Kindle sales total less than 40 copies on Kindle.  It is also available every where that ebooks are sold, but I haven't got any response from any other site.

My only conclusion is that nobody much cares about what happens in this country.

By the bye, everything I predicted in The Great Recession Conspiracy has come to pass so far.

At the time The Great Recession Conspiracy was published, I started writing a blog (what an ugly word) to up date the things commented on in the book.

To date, I have posted 1,095 rants at the blog over the past three years.  So far, I have received two comments so I have no idea whether anyone really reads it. Google does supply some numbers, but they offer no explanation of what the numbers represent.  They show numbers of people who show up at the blog site, but they make no sense.  I have friends/relatives in Los Angeles, Minneapolis and New Orleans who I know read the blog, but those cities are never shown as providing any readers.

So since nobody reads the book and apparently nobody reads the blog, I think it is time to quit and spend my time more usefully.

Therefore, fini................................................ 

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