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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Oh, How Times Have Changed!!

It used to be said that when Democrats were asked to form a firing squad, they lined up in a  circle.  But now that applies to the Republicans.

 Minnesota Results
Candidate Pct.
Santorum 45.0%
Paul 27.1   
Romney 16.9   
Gingrich 10.8   
Others 0.3   
1:05 PM 98% reporting
Colorado Caucus Results »
Candidate Pct.
Santorum 40.3%
Romney 34.9   
Gingrich 12.8   
Paul 11.8   
Others 0.3   
1:05 PM 100% reporting

Get ready for four more years of incompetence.  He only listens to a few of his pals and ignores the fact that they continually give him bad advice.

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