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Saturday, February 11, 2012

More Insight Into Washington's Incompetence!!

I have long said that our problem is that Obama does not know how the U.S. economy works.  Now this article from the Business Insider makes it clear that NOBODY who advises Obama has the slightest idea how the economy works.
While you read this description of incompetence, keep in mind what should have been done.

1)  Sell a bunch of bonds to China, et al, at about a 1% interest rate.
2)  Make this money available to mayors of U.S. cities, and state highway departments, to repair our crumbling infrastructure.

 This would have accomplished the following things almost immediately.

1) Reduces unemployment insurance payments, thus reducing the deficit.
2) Improved tax collections, thus reducing the deficit.
3) Put money into the hands of small businesses, thus reducing unemployment AND reducing the deficit.

Good Grief!!  How could it have been more simple!!

Obama’s Worst Year

The inside story of his brush with political disaster.

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