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Monday, August 8, 2011

Some Fun On A Really Gloomy Day

If you have been reading here, you know the U.S. is on a fast track to a Two Tier economy with the Richy Riches and the rest of us.  The Richy Riches don't get much press in the U.S., but they do in the U.K.  So when I found this piece in the London Daily Mail, I just had to share it.

And I have been to Ibiza and seen the yachts (but never been on one), and I can assure you, this girl is having a good time!!

And remember, the Republicans are always defending the Richy Riches by saying they create jobs.  And this is certainly  proof of that, i.e, baby sitters, waiters, cab drivers, deck hands and on and on.

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