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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I Just Don't Get It!!!

Obama has finally seemed to recognize that small businesses are important to our economy. So what does he? It is incredible! He has started something he calls the "Startup America Partnership". The intent of this project seems to be to continue tax breaks for small businesses. He already did that two years ago and it was a huge failure. Only 10% of funds have even been applied for after two years. Apparently, he learns nothing from his failures.

The other part of the Startup America Partnership seems to be a fund to lend to small businesses. Small businesses don't need loans. They need customers!!! In the last two years, 400,000 small businesses disappeared because they lacked customers and cash flow, not because they could not find financing.

And then there is Steve Case. Yes, the same Steve Case that almost bankrupted TimeWarner. Obama appointed Steve to run the Partnership! Now personally, I think Steve is a nice guy. He took about a year off when he was president of AOL to take care of his older brother who was dying with a brain tumor. But what the hell does Steve know about small businesses?? About as much as Jeff Immelt knows, I would guess.

The problem is simple. It is staring him right in the face. Nothing has changed in the last two years. It ain't rocket science. Small businesses need customers. Customers need money from jobs. Our infrastructure is falling apart and we are going to have to pay for it sooner or later.

Ergo, we put the unemployed and under-employed to work repairing the infrastructure of the country. It is just that simple.

If I can figure it out, why can't The Cowardly Lion figure it out???

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