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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Obama Fails America Again

Today, Barak Obama betrayed America again. First, he back down on Afghanistan. Then on Health Care and then on Financial Reform.

Now he has agreed to give the richest Americans even more money rather than use the money to reduce the deficit.

In doing this odious act, he betrayed America in two distinct ways.

1) He increased the distortion in wealth distribution in the U.S. The growing disparity between the richest 1% of Americans and all of the rest of us is a serious threat to this nation. He doesn't seem to understand how his actions affect this problem, or maybe he is now so rich he doesn't give a damn.

2) The money he gave to the richest Americans could have been used to reduce the deficit. Again, he doesn't seem to understand just how serious this problem is actually. The day the Chinese stop lending us money is the day he will get the message, but by then it will be too lates.

3) He claims he traded all of this, and more, for a 2% reduction in Social Security wage deductions. For a typical American family, that comes to about $20 a week. What a fraud!!

In his press conference today, Obama said he did this crap because he refused to "play games with the American people."

What the hell does he think he is doing anyway???

There is a growing consensus (and that includes me) that the only way Obama gets a second term is if the Republicans nominate Sarah Palin.

How did he get so tone deaf?

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