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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Free Money, Maybe

I received this email from a person who may, or may not, be named Kate who works for a website called CSN stores.

"Hi James,
Thanks so much for getting back to me and I'd be happy to explain a bit more. We would like to offer you a $30 gift code to use on any of our sites. You can either give this away to one lucky reader or keep it in order to do a review of a product on your blog. I know your blog isn't a typical "review or giveaway" type blog, but we work with a wide variety of bloggers and thought you might be interested.

Here are the details:

You can write the post however you'd like, I'd just need you to include the keyword link “modern décor” (exact phrase, don’t need accent though) linking to the particular site as the very first (preferably only) link on the post. This is one of CSN's sites I'm working to promote so please incorporate it as naturally as possible and if you need suggestions, please don’t hesitate to ask! It can be incorporated into a sentence like “CSN Stores sells everything from furniture to modern décor” but please feel free to use your own words and be as creative/ natural as you’d like.

For a review, I'd just need you to incorporate "modern décor" into a short post and send me a link when it's live. Then I'd send you the $30 gift code to use in order to a review a product from any of our sites.

For a giveaway, just include the keyword in the giveaway post and run the giveaway however you'd like! Please remember we can only ship within the US and Canada so limit your entrants that way. Additionally, we also ask that you don't have your readers comment on CSN's facebook wall. Once the post is live, let me know and I will send you the gift code to relay onto your winner so you can run the giveaway on your time frame."

Always remember that, "On the Internet, anyone can be a dog". But I have looked at a lot of their sites and the merchandise looks very good and the prices are fair. So if you are interested in 'Modern Decor', I suggest that you give their site a look.

Now here is the deal. I don't want the thirty bucks, but I would be happy to pass it on to any reader who could use it. I will now tell Kate (or whomever) that this blog is live. If I get a $30 gift code, I will announce it here and I will send it the first person who responds. Remember, continental U.S. only.

Let's see what happen!

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