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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Really Great Recession Conspiracy

15 Million people unemployed today.
500,000 bankruptcies so far this year.
33 bank failures so far this year.

But Goldman Sachs has record profits for the second quarter of this year; $3.44 Billion, a record in the company's history. Goldman Sachs is on track to pay each of its 30,000 employees annual bonuses of $770,000!!

This is the SAME Goldman Sachs that last year led the line to get money from the U.S. Treasury. The SAME Goldman Sachs that received the most money from the AIG bailout.

The traders at Goldman Sachs are doing exactly the same things that caused the recession in the first place. Why isn't the U.S. government screaming its head off? Because Goldman Sachs own the U.S. Treasury and Obama's economic advisors. Even Dick Durbin, the senor senator from Illinois says that is true.

You can read the awful story at It is also available as a Kindle book. Wall Street bankers are on track to bankupt the United States of American, and nobody seems much interested in doing any thing about it!!

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