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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Good News, Bad News; You decide

Goldman Sachs has set aside $11.4 Billion for employee bonuses in the first six months of this year. Note that the bonuses are on top of already handsome salaries. At this rate, all of Goldman Sachs 30,000 employees are on track to receive 2009 annual bonuses of about $773,000. That is double last year's number and exceeds the 2007 bonuses of $700,000.

The reason that Goldman Sachs can pay these bonuses is that you lent them a lot of money last year. However, Goldman Sachs has now paid that money back and the U.S. Treasury seems to have made a profit $318 Million on that loan.

You do the math. And remember that everyone of those 30,000 employees will pay exactly $6,621.60 into the Social Security account.

So who gets the last laugh here?

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