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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Donna's Diner

The New York Times has just concluded a five part piece entitled Donna's Diner.  You can watch, listen and read it online.

Start here:

It is an extremely well written series and it traces the good and bad times of a little town in Ohio, through the eyes of a fiftyish single woman who always wanted to own her own diner.

You will come away with a very clear understanding of small town America and the troubles its citizens face trying to get on with their lives as the world changes around them.

And you will be touched by how hard the people you will meet have worked, and are working.

Some of the people you will meet are in Mitt's 47%.  You can make up your own mind whether they are shiftless, lazy, no-good bums.

Down load it and read at your leisure.  Better yet, read it and watch it with someone important to you.

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