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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Two Numbers That Should Get Your Attention!!

If you have been following this rant, you should be well aware of two major problems facing the future of this country.  One is the huge debt that young people are carrying from their attempts at education.  The other is the lack of jobs once the student has graduated.

This week's Business Week (Sept. 10, 2012) has a whole section devoted to student debt.  In that material, there are two numbers that may help you focus on the problem.  They are...............

100,000 young people with bachelor's degrees are working as janitors.

16,000 young people with bachelor's degrees are parking cars.

If we don't get these people to work using the skills and education they have acquired, we will lose an entire generation.  We cannot survive that kind of loss and remain a first rate nation!!

Go back to the episode where I explain how to end the recession in six months or less.  Make copies.  Send them to every one of your Congress persons and demand action.

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