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Friday, July 20, 2012

Simon Johnson Nails It!!  Read The Rest Of His Rant At "The Baseline Scenario".  It is time for somebody to go to jail!!

As Dennis Kelleher of Better Markets told Eliot Spitzer this week,
“Slapping handcuffs on these traders has to be the next step … handcuffs, squeeze them, handcuffs, squeeze them and move up the chain….  This is an open and shut case….This is egregious criminal conduct….There’s never been any accountability on Wall Street.  Wall Street’s a high-crime area and the criminals are just let to run free. This would never be tolerated anywhere else in America, and it’s time to end the two sets of laws. We apply [one set of] laws to everybody in this country and we pamper Wall Street.”  (See from around 3:29 in this clip:
This is what should have been done years ago for all the illegal behavior that led up to the crisis.

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