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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Do You Feel Safer Now???

Dana Priest is an amazing investigative reporter for the Washington Post!!  She has just written a book entitled TOP SECRET AMERICA.  You should read it because it explains two things of extreme importance to you.  One:  The rapid loss of privacy and individual rights of every American.  Two:  The incredible waste and incompetence in the U.S. government under the rubric of The War On Terrorism.

You can find two paragraphs from page 86 below.  

But first I have to make a confession.  I am in absolute awe of Dana Priest!!  Her recent work on the Veterans Administration led to a wholesale ouster of the people managing the rat infested VA hospitals, cockroaches running over the patients, the missing checks for veterans, and a whole litany of incredible incompetence.  I was so impressed and moved by her work that I sent her a dozen roses anonymously with the message, "Thank you from everyone who ever put on a uniform".

O.K., here we go................

"Looking at only government organization working at the top secret level of counterterrorism and intelligence.  Arkin (her co-author) counted twenty-one new organizations created in just the last three months of 2001, among them the Office of Homeland Security and the FBI's Foreign Terrorist Task Force.  In 2002, thirty four more organizations were created.  Some tracked weapons of mass destruction, others joined the cyberwar and collected threat tips.  Still others coordinated counterterrorism among different agencies, attempting to tame the growing information load.  Those were followed the next year by thirty-nine new organizations, from the formidable Department of Homeland Security to Deep Red, a small naval intelligence cell working on the most difficult terrorism problems.

In 2004, yet another thirty organizations were created or redirected toward the terrorism mission.  That was followed by thirty-four more the next year and twenty-seven more the year after that; twenty-four or more each were added in 2007, 2008 and 2009.  After two years of investigating, Arkin had come up with a jaw dropping 1.074 federal government organizations and nearly two thousand private companies involved with programs related to counterterrorism, homeland security, intelligence in at least 17,000 locations across the United States--all of them working at top secret classification level."

We are spending an incredible amount of money on "counterterrorism" with absolutely no positive results.

So my question is; "Do you feel safer now?"


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