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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Some Simple Mathematics!!

Fact One:  In the U.S., we spent 20% of our GNP on Health care last year.
Fact Two: The share of the GNP we spend on healthcare has been growing 8% annually for over fifteen years.
 So here is the simple math that comes out of those two facts.
2013     21.6%
2014     23.2%
2015     25.2% 
2016     27.2%
2017     29.4%
2018     31.7%
2019     34.3%
2020     37.0%

Since we have some other expenses that cannot be escaped, i.e., interest on the national debt, et al., sometime later this decade, we go bankrupt.   Never mind all the money that did not go into education, research and development, infrastructure repair, etc.

O.K., you can see the problem clearly now.

And here is a line from the Opinion section of March 23, 2012 issue of the Los Angeles Times.

"On Thursday, the House voted to eliminate one of the main cost controls in the 2010 law:  The Independent Payments Advisory Board, whose purpose is to keep a lid on the growth of Medicare's budget."

So much for simple math!!

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