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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Spending On Health Care Per Person In 2009

United States         $7,960

Norway                 $5,352
Switzerland            $5,144
Netherlands           $4,914
Canada                 $4,363
Denmark               $4,384
Austria                  $4,289
Germany               $4,218
France                 $3,978
Belgium                $3,946
Sweden                $3,722
Britain                  $3,487
Italy                     $3,137
Spain                   $3,067
New Zealand       $2,983

We have lived in France on two separate occasions and we have had reason to avail ourselves of the French Medical System once on each occasion.

I don't care what Paul Ryan and his idiot pals say about "socialized" medicine.  We received excellent care, and once it was even better than what we would have received in California.

And worse yet.  Our health care costs are growing faster that the economy is growing and therefore has the potential to bankrupt the country.  There is absolutely nothing in Obamacare to even slow down that growth.

And even worse.  Our results are worse than just about any of those European countries that are spoken of with so much contempt.  People in just about every European country live longer than we do and our infant mortality figures would embarrass a third world country.

Nobody in Washington seems to have the slightest interest in facts!  Be warned!!

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