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Saturday, September 17, 2011

I Am Confused!!

The Republicans are running around shouting that the reason that small businesses aren't hiring new people is because of all the regulations enforced by the U.S. government.  The Democrats don't say anything about regulations, they just impose them.  Look at the Jobs bill.  Look at the paper work a small business would have to fill out to get a rebate for hiring a vet or long term unemployed person.  More paper work!!  The one thing small businesses hate more than anything else because they don't have anyone to do it.

Jeff Immelt, Obama's jobs czar and CEO of GE, says he wishes the U.S. had the same simple regulation environment as his competitors.  So big businesses sing the same song.

So you can share my amazement when I found this article at

"Businesses in the U.S. face the fifth LIGHTESS regulatory burden among those in 183 nations according to the World Bank.  Hong Kong, New Zealand, Singapore and the U.K. tied for having the lightest regulations.  China placed 79th, Brazil 127th, and India 134th."

Wait a minute!!  The World Bank says there are only FOUR countries in the world with fewer regulations than the U.S. and 178 with more regulations?

You know, it is one thing when politicians shade the truth, but it is entirely different when a) they don't know the truth, or b) they are bald faced liars.

What kind of a future do we have when the government is full of liars and/or idiots???

P.S.  Never forget that the reason small businesses (who everyone agrees create 70% of all new jobs) aren't  hiring because of too much paper work, or too few tax breaks.  They are not hiring because they don't have enough customers, and they don't have enough customers because a record number of Americans are living in poverty and a record number are living on food stamps.

We have a government (Republicans and Democrats) who don't learn from their own mistakes, they don't learn from the mistakes of others, in fact, they don't learn from anything.  Remember what Einstein said about doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome.

We seem to have a government of lunatics!!

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