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Thursday, January 20, 2011

An Update

As you know if have been reading my rant, the documentary, Inside Job, is a brilliant recounting of how this financial crisis came about. If you have read The Great Recession Conspiracy, Inside Job takes Section Two of our book and expands it, deepens it and gives it great life by showing politicians stuffing their pockest with our money.

The Institute of New Economic Thinking has produced a twenty-two minute interview with the maker of Inside Job, Charles Ferguson, that is fascinating because he talks about what did not get into the film. The link I originally identified for you to see the interview appears to be broken.

However, you can go to, and find the interview. You can choose any of the eight parts they offer, or go to box nine and select the whole twenty-two minutes. I promise you will come away with somethings to give very serious thought.

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