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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

And So It Goes (with apologies to Kurt Vonnegut)

15 Million Americans are unemployed.
15 Million more are under-employed or have given up looking.
The Fed and Uncle Ben say, "Tough, get used to it".

For decades now, small businesses have been the major generator of new jobs. Everybody seems to agree with that fact, but nobody wants to do anything serious about the real problem, i.e., small businesses have declining profits (down 5% from two years ago)

Contrast this with big businesses where profits are up 21% over the same period.

Sales at all companies with sales under $20 million are down 5% compared with last year. In construction, revenue (sales) is down 14% following a 10% decline in 2009.

Only education, health and finance businesses have seen growing revenues.

Almost 400,000 small businesses have simply disappeared since 2008.

And exactly what is Obama's administration doing about this ongoing disaster?

Absolutely nothing. TALF is a bad joke. Check it out for yourself. Most of the money is still sitting in Washington.

If you have been reading this rant, you KNOW what the government should be doing.

Instead, we can look forward to two more years of increasing homelessness, ill health, broken families and many other social ills. A full one third of all home sales last month were foreclosure sales, e.g., more families without homes.

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