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Monday, September 6, 2010

More Bad Numbers

The editorial in today's Los Angeles Times collects a lot of number about jobs and unemployment. Here are the highlights.

14.9 Million Americans are without jobs.
8.9 Million Americans are working part-time or shorter hours.
58% of the unemployed are men.
74% are workers 25 or older.
+50% of the unemployed are high school graduates or failed to graduate.
The unemployment rates by race are;
16% black
12% latino
9% white
42% of the unemployed have been without jobs for more than six months.
? the number of Americans who have simply stopped looking for work.

And Laura Tyson (earlier entry) described the levels of unemployment by education.

Why does this administration refuse to recognize the importance of an educated work force? My best guess is that Larry Summers holds everyone in contempt who does not have a PhD from Harvard.

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