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Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Spot Light Is On Arizona Today

Most of the media attention today is on Arizona because this is the day that Arizona's new tough law on illegal immigrants goes into effect.

But this circus misses the point completely. Arizona is trying to call attention to the complete failure of Congress and the Administration to deal with our border problems. And, indeed, we have a southern border problem.

Before he decided to run for President, John McCain had a sensible and fair proposal for dealing with the problem, but when he decided to run, he had to abandon it to keep the far right of the party behind him.

There can't be any serious argument that aren't thousands and thousands of Mexicans (primarily)illegally crossing the border to look for work. If we didn't have them here we would not have lettuce, strawberries, apples, and lots of other foods in our supermarkets. But the operative word is "illegal" and we need a way to deal with those conflicting goals. However, this is a problem that can be solved relatively easily. Ronald Reagan's "bracero" program would be a good place to start.

The real problem is not Mexicans crossing the border to look for work - though that is a problem - it is the incredible cross border trade in narcotics. Meth, cocaine, marijuana and heroin flow North across the border and cash and guns flow South.

We have to realize that we are on the edge of having a failed narco state on our Southern border. Twenty four thousand Mexicans have been killed in the past two years in drug related crimes. Thirty journalists have been killed for pursing stories about the narcos. Mayors, police chiefs, federal police and hundreds of innocents have been killed by the narcos. A leading candidate for President has been kidnapped and is still missing. (Can you imagine John McCain being kidnapped in broad daylight and nobody doing anything about it?)

The narcos have equipped them selves with AK-47s, hand grenades and shoulder fired rockets. A couple of weeks ago, they booby trapped a car with C4 and killed policemen and medics who responded to a call for assistance. Al Queda would have been proud of the execution.

Nevertheless, Congress and the Administration are doing absolutely nothing to recognize that Calderon's government is failing in its fight against the narcos.

The simple fact is that the narcos are winning and are the on the way to taking over (for all practical purposes) the government of Mexico.

If you think that Mexicans crossing the border to look for work is a problem, just wait until the hordes of frightened Mexicans cross the border to save their lives??

Since Congress won't recognize the problem and deal with it, we have to replace Congress. (We can't do anything about the Administration for two more years.)

Go to to see what you can do now.

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