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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

You Had Better Get Ready!!

Today, the management consulting firm, George S. May Company, released a research study of small businesses in the United States. They found that 80% of all U.S. small businesses believe they will fail in the next nine months unless their order books improve markedly. The other twenty percent said they will fail sooner!!

You can read earlier posts to understand just how important small businesses are to the U.S. economy and the creation of new jobs.

Today, thirty million Americans are unemployed, working short hours or have given up looking for work. More people have been unemployed for over six months than any other period in our history.

When small businesses start failing in large numbers, unemployment will skyrocket! That is when the Great Recession will really begin. Read Section Three of The Great Recession Conspiracy to learn how to best protect yourself. You can find out how to get the book in earlier posts.

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