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Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Deficit Numbers Are In

The U.S. is facing a record deficit and here is the reason why;

$113 Billion spent on the "Stimulus" package (assume for a second that it was all spent on programs that created jobs or extended unemployment benefits)
$154 Billion was spent rescuing Wall Street Banks.
$96 Billion was spent buying out Freddie and Fannie

So $250 Billion went to banks and less than half that amount went to ordinary citizens.

Now do you understand why there are huge bonuses for Wall Street Bankers and record (almost) unemployment for everyone else?

And it doesn't stop there. Since the FED has lowered interest rates to nearly zero, banks can borrow almost unlimited funds to buy highly risky financial products and so make huge profits.

Does this sound familiar? Does anyone still believe that Wall Street banks do not run Congress?

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